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Meet The Groomer: Veronique {Vero} Da Sylva PDS, Master Pet Stylist, Meritus


Born and raised in France, Vero Da Sylva moved to the United States 10 years ago, and only up until 1 year ago was an Award Winning, Top National/International Pet Stylist in a successful and award-winning pet styling Boston salon owned by Christine Defilippo, also a show producer of Intergoom.


While young and living at home in France, Vero was the proud owner of a poodle that requires quite a bit of brushing, Vero decided to try a new groomer after her usual groomer retired. While describing to him what she knew needed to be done in order to groom her dog properly, he suggested the words that Vero still remembers to this day: “You do know exactly how and what trim your dog needs…you should be a groomer!” Since she happened to be job hunting at the time, she saw the wonderful opportunity to do something she always had a passion and talent for. As soon as the groomer placed the scissors in her hand, he told her confidently, “you are meant for this job without a doubt…it’s in your blood!


From then on, Vero worked alongside her new groomer, refusing pay at first, as he was a new business just starting out. Learning was a much more valuable pay, and even the 6 months of schooling she took for grooming didn’t teach her as much as when she would attend dog shows, grooming competitions and talk with breeders and handlers. After 6 yeas of International success her competing led her to us, here in America, where she dominated the competition field and achieved some of her life’s goals. However, she says that the help and knowledge she learned from the best stylists in the industry, like Chris Pawlosky and Liz Paul while she was competing kept her growing and she relished the opportunity to talk with some of the best stylists in the industry. As is true with all forms of art, she knew criticism was a very important part of the trade, and in order to become the best you can be, you need to understand how to accept that criticism and make it constructive.  


As sage advice to anyone new to the business, Vero suggests good old-fashioned hard work, seeking the advice of top pet stylists, judges and contestants and getting involved with great organizations like the Pam Lauritzen’s ISCC (The International Society of Canine Cosmetologists) to get more knowledge and education. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the point in her career that Vero has reached, so don’t get discouraged and it will almost certainly pay off in the end. Finally, remember that a healthy stylist is a successful stylist, so take care of yourself before you take care of your clients!

Styling isn’t Vero’s only skill; her new company, “Bows by Vero”, caters to customers and groomers who are looking for the industry’s only unique or custom bow company for their pampered pooch, (for more information, contact Vero has also been involved with the ISCC for the last few years, where she achieved the highest level of certification the ISCC offers: Veronique Da Sylva PDS, Master Pet Stylist, Meritus. This achievement has only been attained by a handful of people in the industry, she is also an ISCC Certifier and Consultant. The ISCC is a great resource for personal growth, training, consulting and gaining continuing education in both basic and advanced knowledge. She even has a few DVD’s in the works, along with her Seminars and Hands on Clinics with in "The Best of The Master Series" sponsored by Pam Lauritzen, Kim Laube Co, and BlueBerry Facials, where she is sure to share her expertise and passion for the art of styling. As her career continues to grow and strive for the best, there are many bright things in Vero Da Sylva’s future, and we’ve only seen a fraction of what she can do with her talents.

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