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The Story Of The Cardinal
Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards

Recognition, encouragement, solidarity – all are important in spurring greater achievements in any human endeavor. It was this conviction that prompted Tony de Vos, the president of Cardinal Laboratories to sponsor the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards in 1988.  As the head of a company that at the time had been serving the groomers for 40 years, de Vos envisioned an award that would celebrate the achievements of industry leaders, and inspire a greater sense of sharing and cooperation among grooming professionals.  "The Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards were conceived in 1988 by Shirlee Kalstone, then owner of the Integroom Show in New Jersey, for the purpose of establishing standards of grooming excellence and promoting and recognizing professionalism in the grooming industry."

Since the first Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award was presented,  the awards have blossomed into one of the most widely known and appreciated events in the grooming industry.  The Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards provide a vehicle for grooming industry members to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of their peers. Nominations are made by professional groomers on the basis of strict criteria of excellence for each of the six categories.

Over the years, many of the most well-known and accomplished groomers have won Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards.  Aside from providing these groomers with some well-deserved recognition, the awards have also served as a communications platform, making it easier for them to share their knowledge and insights with other groomers, making the entire industry stronger and more professional in the process – and that’s just what Tony de Vos had in mind when he create the awards all those years ago.

In 2010 the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards took a major step forward to remain vital and relevant in the 21st Century when Cardinal Pet Care President and CEO, Tony de Vos, announced that his company licensed the Brand Development Group of MacFadden Communications, publisher of Pet Business & Grooming Business, to market and promote the prestigious Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards.

Under terms of the agreement, MacFadden is responsible for marketing of the “Crystal Awards” while Cardinal continues to be the official sponsor for the awards.  The awards are held every September and are hosted at Super Zoo, the national show for pet retailers and one of the industries leading events hosted in Los Vegas.  SuperZoo is a leading destination for groomers internationally as a result of the Groomer SuperShow which features the latest trends, techniques and innovations as well as national grooming contests.

Cardinal has presented the awards ever since its inception as de Vos’s way of giving back to the people that supported Cardinal when the company was first starting in the pet business.  “Our company was formed in 1948, right after World War II.,” says de Vos. At that time the company was manufacturing and selling beauty and hair care products to beauticians. They called on many salons where women were grooming dogs in their back rooms, using their beauty shampoos and bluing. The ladies kept asking the company to develop specialty formulas for their show dogs and finally compelled them to expand into pet products. “Sixty-three years later we are still making beauty and pet products,” commented de Vos. “Now we manufacture in our state-of-the-art solar facility. Both Groomers and Cardinal have come a long way since then and we are privileged to continue our relationship to this day!” 

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