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2009 WINNERS -- Announced 4-17-10 at Intergroom

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Olga Zabelinskaya - The Congeniality Award

Olga was recognized for her kindness, outstanding sportsmanship, camaraderie and fellowship; for donating her time and money to local shelters; for her funny, friendly personality and encouraging words..

Lisa Leady - Grooming Contest Judge of the Year

Lisa was recognized for her patience and kindness working with new competitors; for her critiques that are always tempered with positives as well as negatives; for her knowledge of all breeds, fairness, honesty and always having a smile on her face. 

Anne Francis - Grooming Journalist of the Year

Anne was recognized for her detailed, expert, easy-to-understand columns in Grooming Business magazine, in which her artistry and love of dogs come through every time.

Lisa Leady - The David G. Salzberg Award
Lisa was recognized for the huge contribution she made to the industry by appearing on Groomer Has It.  As an excellent example of a professional groomer on television, she brought class and dignity to the show, and an awareness of pet grooming to people all over the US.
Deb Ryan - International Groomer of the Year

Deb of Australia was recognized for her all-around professionalism, her knowledge of breed profile grooming and excellent skills; for giving back to the industry through education.

Olga Zabelinskaya - American Groomer of the Year

Olga was recognized for her phenomenal talents in grooming -- she has an air about her that exudes professionalism and ability; for her supportiveness, her approachability, for having kind words for everyone, and for always smiling.

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