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Congratulations to the
2012 Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award Winners

  Competitive Groomer
Lindsey Dicken
  International Groomer
Jackie Boulton - Canada
  Grooming Contest Judge
Sue Zecco
  Congeniality Award
Irina Pinkusevich - Shear Delight
  David G. Salzberg Award2012
Lisa Correia, Mary Oquendo & Sue Pratt
  Mobile Groomer 2012
Jodi Murphy - The Puppy Spa
  Retail Salon (-5 Units)  2012
Yankee Clipper - Rockprt, ME
  Retail Salon (5+ Units) 2012
-Best Friends Pet Care Centers

Keeping Dogs Calm During Grooming

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2012 Crystal Winners

(Lindsey Dicken, Jodi Murphy, Jackie Boulton, Irina Pinkusevich, Sue Zecco, Lisa Correia)

Lindsey Dicken - Competitive Groomer of the Year
Jodi Murphy  - Mobile Groomer of the Year
Jackie Boulton
- Canada; International Groomer of the Year
Irina Pinkusevich - Congeniality Award
Sue Zecco
- Grooming Contest Judge of the Year
Lisa Correia, Mary Oquendo (not pictured)  and Sue Pratt (not pictured)
- David G. Salzberg Award
Yankee Clipper, Liz Czak - Owner (not pictured)
- Retail Groomer of the Year, 5 Units or less
Best Friends Pet Care Centers (not pictured)
- Retail Groomer of the Year, 5+ Units

About the Crystal Awards
Recognition, encouragement, solidarity all are important in spurring greater achievements in any human endeavor. It was this conviction that prompted Tony de Vos, the president of Cardinal Laboratories to create the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards in 1988.  Read how the awards, which are presented at Superzoo have become a signature event in grooming industry.

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